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2014-07-30 03:48:34 by JacobDzwinel

Classic shooter from 2006 is coming back with tones of new features!

- Most recognizable feature "Bullet Time" is back!
- 12 fully customizable weapons + 5 totally different grenades to discover! A delightful assortment of firepower at your disposal!
- Research new items, Customize your weapons and Upgrade your special suit.
- 11 different types of enemies, big bosses, over 250 hostiles to neutralize.
- 24 Achievements to unlock, 4 types of difficulty, Loot wardrobes for coins. hack computers for additional health, discover over 60 maps
- Survival Mode!
...and a lot more waiting for you in the game!


Play it here :
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BLACK IV - Trailer

2014-05-19 19:18:28 by JacobDzwinel

Hi guys, I'm happy to announce that you will play BLACK IV on this summer! Enjoy the trailer below!

BLACK IV is coming!

2014-03-27 07:44:24 by JacobDzwinel

Hi everyone,
My new game "BLACK IV" is coming really soon to newgrounds. You can ask me for anything in pm. Here is screenshot from alpha version. I won't give you much details about gameplay, but i can guarantee you that it's the most complex game i've made. Hope you will like it!




















Hi There,
It's been a long time since i uploaded my last game. I decided to create new point and click adventure game about serial killer. I hope you will love it. It has a lot better graphic, storyline and RPG elements than Paper Killer. It's coming soon so please be patient :)

New Game about serial killer